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In this post, I’m going to discuss the best car insurance company and its quote. I hope this guide will help you to choose the best auto insurance company for your vehicle.

Our vehicles are indeed that asset in our lives that we not only love but actually are obsessed about! It is evident that when we buy a car, it indeed requires our hard-earned money, and thus, loving it is natural for all the car owners.

But what stresses us more is that the rise in accident cases and thereby, the damage to the car and life is something that can happen when we are on the roads.

Though we cannot prevent accidents (as they happen to be purely incidental), the least we can do is to take insurance of our vehicles so that the damage caused to the car in an accident does not at least cause us more financial losses to repair it.

So, it is wise that you maintain the car insurance from time to time even though you do not face any accident in years of buying it. You can find some of the best car insurance policies in and around the USA.

The top 10 best car insurance companies and their best quotes are mentioned below to make your car insurance experience a better one. read on to know more.

1. Nationwide

This insurance company has paid almost around $18 billion to the insurance holders in the year 2017 alone. This is one such hefty amount and so, the credibility of this insurance firm cannot be questioned when it comes to taking care of your insurance claims. But if you are looking for cheap car insurance quotes, then this might not be the best option for you as its policy plans are a bit too high.

For married couples, the premium rate starts with an approx. of $1,684 while for senior citizens, it is around $963. You also get discounts in different categories like multi plans, defensive driving, and accident-free, etc. kind of premium plans.

2. Allstate

Allstate Insurance company is the 2nd largest insurance company in the USA and has been serving insurance holders delightfully since 1931. The insurance premiums and rates are provided to consumers with heavy discounts to make it easy for them to afford auto insurance.

The rates are also not very expensive and start at around $1500 for single men of 30 years but are high for a 20-year-old female with a rate of $8269.

3. Progressive

The Progressive insurance company is the third biggest insurance service provider in the USA with approximately 400 offices and more than 30000 employees. The premiums rates are gradually cheaper than the other contemporaries and thereby starts from around $1300 and extend up to $3500 annually depending upon the individuals.

4. Liberty Mutual

It is also one of the oldest and topmost insurance companies in the USA serving the citizens with greater accomplishment rates. The premium rates for a single male of 20 years old is a bit high with around $11,112 while that of a single female of 30 years old is $4452 and for married couples, it’s around $4308.

5. Travelers

One of the oldest (almost 160 years old) Car insurance companies in the USA, this company provides better facility to their clients. They also make the best rates for their insurance holders and thus, has a lot of them trusting and banking on them.

The premium rates are not hat high and can be afforded by the average persons. But the rate gradually increases or decreases with the driver’s driving history. The best premium rates start from approximately $95 annually but it keeps on increasing with the addition of more features and facilities on your policy.

6. Farmers

As is evident by the name myself, Farmer insurance company started off with providing insurance to vehicles belonging to the farmers’ households; which can be rarely found in the USA. They offer major policy benefits to them and helps them to ensure their vehicles like any other commoner.

They provide non-competitive rates to the farmers to make it easy for them and hence, they have almost 19-20 million insurance holders across the 50 states of USA that they have access to! The premium prices start at around $964 for the elderly and stick around $1000-$1500 for the average male and female categories.


Geico car insurance company provides insurance to more than 24 million vehicles which are indeed a huge number. It originally started off with providing insurance to the vehicles of military personnel and government employees only but now it includes people from the private sector as well.

The premium rates are a bit high for a single plan (around $8000) but if you go for family plans or for the senior citizens, it can be lesser (around $2000-$4000).

8. State Farm

This one operates as an insurance company which is also owned by the policyholders, means it is a ‘mutual’ insurance company. It can be categorized as the largest auto insurance company around the USA with a share of 18% of the available market.

It is also quite expensive so if you are looking for cheaper options, it might not interest you. The annual premium rates for the average 20 years is male is $3725 while that of the female is $5196 (all approx. values) and that of the whole family that has a teen driver too is $8821. All these rates may vary accordingly depending on the individual’s profile.

9. American Family

It also aimed at providing insurance to the framers only but later expanded its horizon to non-farmers as well. The premium rates are not too expensive and can be afforded by the individuals. The insurance policies are customizable and the families with more members get better benefits.

10. USAA

It was founded by army officials who had a plan to ensure only their vehicles but today they have achieved the goals of serving millions of American citizens with the best insurance plans and cheaper policy rates.

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The final take,

It can be understood that when you are investing so much money to buy a car, adding extra expenses can take a toll on your budget plan, especially when you have a limited budget for the same. But isn’t it stupid enough to buy a car with such high prices and failing to ensure it due to a cash crunch and face heavy expenses again in case of any damages? It indeed is! That’s why it is wise to get the general car insurance that you buy to prevent more expenses in the future.

The car insurance prices are not that high these days with easy premium facilities customized especially for people of all kinds. One must be wise enough to choose the best car insurance plans for their vehicles and the above-mentioned car insurance companies in the USA are the best to choose from! So, if you are planning to buy a car or you have not yet insured your car, go for one today!

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